dBpoweramp [Multi Encoder]

Multi Encoder is able to encode using two or more encoders at the simultaneously, for example Rip an Audio CD to both FLAC and mp3.

Compression Options

Add Encoder adds a new encoder, the encoder selection page is very similar to Music Converters:

  • Output To sets the folder converted files are saved, click to customize the naming:
    • Edit Dynamic Naming substitutes programmable elements, such as [artist] and replaces with real values from the ID Tags. The value from Folder is combined with Dynamic to generate the final filename, it is very flexible. Further Naming Details  [dBpoweramp Reference required]
    • Existing Source Folder(s), converted tracks are written to same folder as the original.
    • Single Folder: a folder of your choosing, change with Browse
    • Preserve Source Path allows the selection of a base folder, into which the full source path is then added and source filename

    CD Ripper Default Naming:

        [IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],[IFCOMP]Various Artists[][IF!COMP][artist][][]\[album]\[track] [artist] - [title]

    Further Dynamic Naming Details

Important: When using multi-encoder the source audio file (file converting from) must not be overwritten, this can lead to unpredictable results.

DSP Effects / Actions just as with Music Converter live DSP effects, or actions (such as changing the ID Tags) can take place whilst converting.

Multi-CPU (dBpoweramp Reference option) allows Multi Encoder to use multiple CPUs at the same time.

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