TuneFUSION has one purpose: automatically synchronize your audio collection to various devices:

  • USB removable flash drives,
  • Mobile foobar2000,
  • Network Shares,
  • FTP.
TuneFUSION is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP, both 32 and 64 bit, and is free from spyware, malware and trojans, no other programs are bundled.


When synchronizing a music collection for your car, you might want to choose a favorite subset of your music, create a new album selection, change the audio format and normalize all tracks to the same volume, TuneFUSION can do all this with ease. TuneFUSION will automatically sync when the device appears on the system.
Customize TuneFUSION once to meet your requirements, set and forget.

Adding a Synchronization

After installation TuneFUSION appears on the taskbar in the system tray section:

Tray Icon

If the TuneFUSION icon is hidden click the arrow button to customize shown icons.

This icon displays the current status of TuneFUSION:

normal  TuneFUSION is running, but not actively syncing.
syncing  TuneFUSION is synchronizing.
error  An error occurred during the last sync.

Click on this TuneFUSION icon to bring forward the settings page:


Click [Add New Sync] to create a new synchronization and choose the type of sync required and follow the instructions on the screen.

To receive help from within TuneFUSION click

Continue Help: Customize Synchronizations


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