mp4 H265 Encoder

The newest MPEG standard, H265, also known as High Efficiency Coding (HEVC), MPEG-H Part 2, is the likely successor to H264. dBpoweramp writes audio as AAC.

Extension: .mp4

Compression Options

A quality slider chooses the encoding quality, or bit rate, the drop combo below the slider offers 4 types of encoding:
  • Constant Bit Rate a fixed bit rate is used through out the encoding,
  • Average Bit Rate like Constant Bit Rate except there is some encoding flexibility, on difficult parts a higher bit rate is used, overall though the bit rate averages out to the requested value,
  • Constant Quality a desired quality achieved throughout the encoding process, by varying the bit rate, this is the recommended mode for most people.
  • Lossless encodes the video without loss of quality, expect the end files to be large, test on players to ensure compatibility.

The advanced options page offers Tuning for specific video types and a quality preset which sets how much effort goes into compressing the video.