[Preview Generator]

This utility codec takes a video and creates a short preview file from the video, for example a 30 minute video can be condensed to 20 frames, taken from regular positions in the video, each frame can be displayed for 1 second before moving onto the next. Typically GIF might be used to be embedded in a page and as an image that will animate. Take this example, generated from a 10 minute long video:

Compression Options

Output format sets the final output, normally GIF or webp.

Delay between frames sets how long each frame is shown in the output, the above example was set to 0.5 seconds.

How many frames are created from the source (input) is set either with 'Generate a total of Frames' to create a set number of frames from the input or 'Generate Frame Every (seconds)', set to 60 would generate 10 frames from a 10 minute video, or 30 frames from a 30 minute video.

As many videos start with credits or a blank screen, a delay for the first frame can be specified.