dBpoweramp Video Converter

dBpoweramp converts a multitude of video formats, this section shows the different ways of invoking video converter.

Converting From Explorer

The simplest way to convert is through Windows File Explorer (press and hold Windows Key then E key to open an Explorer Window):

Browse to your video files, select one or more files, right click on a selected file and choose Convert To, dBpoweramp Video Converter is shown:

Encoders are listed under Encoding, chosen encoder settings are shown below and change depending on encoder selected, each codec has a help button, click to receive help on that codec.

X Files shows all files queued for conversion and allows renaming.

Output To sets the folder and file naming converted files are saved:
  • Existing Source Folder: converted tracks are written to same folder as the source file,
  • Single Folder: all files written to a single folder of your choosing,
  • Preserve Source Path: allows the selection of a base drive or folder, into which the full source path is added and source filename,
  • Edit Dynamic Naming substitutes programmable elements, such as [artist] and replaces with real values from the ID Tags. dynamic is very flexible. Further Naming Details

DSP Effects / Actions

DSP (Digital Signal Processing) process the video / audio, or perform actions, example effects are Delete Source File, Scale. Effects are performed in a top to bottom order. DSP Help


Convert >>   begins conversion:

Overall progress is shown at the top, with encoding speed showing the combined real time speed (example: a 10 minutes long track takes 1 minute to convert, has a 10x realtime speed), frames per second processed is also shown.

Multiple CPU cores will be used at the same time by each encoder, in the above example two encoders are running side by side, each using 4 cores. It is possible to force usage of specific encoder count, or CPUs per encoder with the DSP Effect 'Multi-CPU Force'. Whilst converting the number of encoders n use can be changed by selecting Options >> Encoding, this change is only for the current encoding queue.

Encoding Priority instructs Windows how much time it should give to dBpoweramp in relation to other programs, set to Idle to allow the conversion to progress in the background and not interrupt your work. Even on a lower setting, 100% of the core is used.

File Selector

Another way to select files for conversion is with File Selector (run dBpoweramp Video Converter from the desktop) a traditional Open File selection window shows to select videos.

Hold down the CTRL key whilst selecting to select multiple videos.

Press CTRL + A to select all files.  


Batch Converter


Convert folders of tracks effortlessly

  • Select folders and sub-folders with a single click,
  • Filter file types,
  • List files for conversion, sort on bit depth, etc,

Batch Converter Help 

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