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dBpoweramp Music Converter OS X: Version Changes

Release 16.5

PerfectMeta now works in Trial version.
Updated Opus encoder to version 1.3.
Updated FDK AAC encoder to version 2.0.
Added a prompt when deleting a profile in Converter.
Ripping to "automatically add to iTunes" folder now forcibly rips to a temp folder, and moves fully encoded files to the destination folder.
Fixed a bug causing some album art lookups to fail.
Fixed bugs related to writing of "ENCODER" tag, with Multi Encoder in particular.
Fixed a bug causing repeated ripping of the same CD to Multi Encoder to write log file including data from previous ripping passes.
Fixed visual glitches in ALAC encoder setting.

Release 16.4

Re-introduced remembering of window positions Updated MP4/M4A codec with support for tagging files larger than 4 gigabytes Improved behavior when converting low sample rate audio files to Apple AAC CBR. Extended Apple AAC encoding options, added encoding to HE-AAC & HE-AACv2. Cleaned up Apple AAC options: allowed full 0...127 VBR quality range, improved bitrate estimation Cleaned up FDK AAC options: correct VBR mode range for HE-AAC and HE-AAC v2, improved bitrate estimation CD Ripper: added sort tag fields in Review Metadata Shows actual possible bitrate range for 44100Hz stereo content when invoked by CD Ripper Bumped default limit of threads from 8 to 12 Various cosmetic glitches fixed Multi encoder now respects ID Tag Processing DSP for file name generation Changed ID3v2 TIT1 mapping Added LAME MP3 advanced settings Bug Fixes Dismissing ripping error/info log now returns to the CD Ripper window
Fixed "Retrieve Metadata From..." commands not working correctly with PerfectMeta enabled
CD Ripper: fixed multi value tags not being recognized in some of the edit boxes
Apple AAC encoder page fixes
Fixed buggy behaviors of 'create profile' of the Convert dialog
Fixed visual glitches
Fixed ReplayGain Utility codec configuration glitches
Fixed non-working "limit conversion threads" setting

Release 16.3

Fixed resource leaks resulting in app crashes after long use.
Prevented accidental creation of hidden files/folders (prefixed with a dot) when album titles and such begin with a dot.
Added 'track technical' column in CD Ripper, similar to the one in Windows version of dBpoweramp.
Fixed "Remove Empty Folders" not working in "Delete Source File" DSP.
Updated LAME to 3.100
Updated Vorbis to 1.3.6
ID Tag Update codec now optionally preserves modification time (would always preserve before).
Made /Network/ accessible from Batch Converter.
Removed window position remembering which was glitchy and caused unintended side effects with our morphing windows

Release 16.2

Fixed Apple AAC encoder bitrate slider glitch
CD Ripper can now deal with discs having 98 or 99 tracks.
CD Ripper fixed spurious file rename error messages sometimes appearing when using Multi Encoder.
Batch Converter: Prevented left pane from becoming zero sized.
Updated Opus library to 1.2.1
Improved handling of Converter logs:
"Display Information Log" option now sticks
When converting to one of the lossless formats with verify integrity option enabled, a notice about successful integrity check is added to the information log. Before, verification would only give feedback if an error was detected.
Information logs can be brought up by a menu command after completed conversion without "Display Information Log" checked.
Prevented character substitution rules from messing with source path when converting to the folder containing source files.
Now allows trailing dot and space characters in file & folder names.
Improved compatibility with Opus files written with FFmpeg.
Improved enumeration of volumes on Mac OS High Sierra machines.
Multi Encoder now obeys dBpoweramp's file name character rules.
Made CD Ripper genre box wider.
CD Ripper: Fixed toggling specific metadata providers not having an effect if PerfectMeta has not been toggled.
Converter / Batch Converter: Fixed mistriggered output path sanity checks when converting to Multi Encoder.
Improved error messages when destination folder cannot be created.

Release 16.1

Run External DSP fixes:Now accessible again as it was accidentally left out in R16
Updated and bugfixed configuration dialog, options are no longer reversed, the dialog ensures that you input command line arguments for "before conversion" & "after conversion" modes which require arguments.
Can now launch mac OS app bundles, not just standalone executables or shell scripts.
Corrected "ID Tag Processing" DSP crash on invalid input.
Improved context menus for file list sub-dialogs, in batch converter and conversion setup dialogs.
Added the ability to clone Batch Converter presets along with conversion settings.
Fixed album art lookup failing to fetch content from specific sources.
Fixed "error overwriting file" bug when ripping to external drive or a NAS.
Fixed various edit tags dialog glitches.
Fixed slow reading of specific ID3 tags containing large pictures.
CD Ripper: rip to temp folder now works correctly.
CD Ripper: prevented automatic meta lookup after tags have been manually edited.
CD Ripper: prevent system sleep.
CD Ripper: Fixed unwanted propagation of metadata edits to non-selected tracks.
CD Ripper: Fixed "rip as one" crash on new OSX.
CD Ripper: Manually entered folders are now automatically created.
Edit tags dialog tweaks.
Batch Converter: fixed some cases where recursive selection was ineffective.
Batch Converter: added "edit tags" in file list context menu.
You can now mass edit tags on a folder, recursively - select a folder, open file list, select all, choose "edit tags" from the context menu.
Fixed lockup during conversion when converting lots and lots of tracks.

Release 16

Added support for Apple AAC encoder
Added Monkey's Audio codec
Reworked Album Art downloader, can now enter keywords manually
Removed obsolete AMG metadata provider, now using Discogs instead
Refreshed ID Tag editor dialog, added auto complete
M4A handling fixes
Updated Volume Normalize DSP
Updated ID Tag Processing DSP
Updated ReplayGain DSP
Added Finder right-click menu for "convert with dBpoweramp" on folders
Refreshed Ripper user interface
Refershed file naming picker user interface
Refreshed Batch Converter user interface
AIFF files now saved as .AIFF not .AIF
Correct metadata sources (Sonata instead of GD3) now shown for Classical music Implemented utility codecs: Arrange Audio, Audio Info, Calculate Audio CRC, Channel Split, ID Tag Update, Length Split, ReplayGain, Tag From Filename.
Refreshed Configuration dialog user interface.
New simplified output location picker in Converter & Multi Converter.
Configuration dialog appearance reworked.
Updated libFLAC to 1.3.2
Cosmetic tweaks, removed square borders around some buttons.
WAVE encoder: Added more sample rates.
Resampler DSP updated.
Added OK-Cancel-ism to Multi Encoder configuration.

CD Ripper

Added classical-music-specific fields to the top bar - they appear when genre is either 'classical' or 'opera'.
Can now import album art by drag & drop
Can now preview (play) the audio CD tracks
Can now rip CD as one file
Can now rip to ._ files and rename upon completion
Can now eject after ripping successfully

Bug Fixes

CD Ripper: Fixed a bug causing tags not to be written in certain conditions
CD Ripper: Fixed a bug causing track numbers to be missing right after online metadata retrieval
Fixed various window position remembering misbehaviors.
Batch Converter column layout now remembered.
Batch Converter fixed left pane not refreshing correctly with loaded file tags in certain scenarios.
CD Ripper "title" and "artist" columns stay invisible if removed by user (until enabled manually).
CD Ripper fixed meta lookup not automatically starting after AccurateRip has been autoconfigured for a new drive (affects mainly first run of the app).
Fixed mishandling of slash characters in M4A tags
CD Ripper: Fixed bugs related to album art URL paste
CD Ripper: Fixed nonsensical output filenames with certain Multi Encoder configs, in particular when upgrading from R15
Fixed DSP list glitch.
Made various lists (DSP list, file naming options, etc) appear in alphabetic order.
Fixed CD Ripper meta review dialog header buttons not always working.
Should now reliably truncate long filenames containing Unicode characters to lengths accepted by HFS+.

Release 15.6

Fixed DSP preset “save” actually opening load dialog
Fixed advanced codec options saved incorrectly and not actually used
Fixed crash when last used codec doesn’t exist (for running side by side with upcoming R16 beta)

Release 15.5

Fixed handling of files with backslash character in their names.
Fixed missing optimizations in some of our codecs; conversion speeds should be the same as on Windows now.
Added reading of disc's ISRC codecs.
Fixed crash when attempting to edit tags on malformed Opus files.
Fixed encoding AAC files with quotation marks in their names.
Fixed encoding MP3 files with quotation marks in their names.
Added character substitution rules configuration for Converter / Batch Converter, similar to those in CD Ripper.
Made CD Ripper metadata cache size configurable.
Edit Tags no longer treats Title and Album fields containing ; as separate values.
CD Ripper: Fixed nonsensical behavior when attempting to rip to a non-existent folder.
CD Ripper: Fixed bad downscaling of non-square album covers, width & height were getting transposed.
CD Ripper: Fixed "choose album art" sorting by size not working quite right.
"ID Tag Processing" DSP: fixed configuration dialog crashings.
"ID Tag Processing" DSP: forced bigger default window size for better readability, as some of the options were hard to see.
Fixed bad output when converting directly to "Automatically add to iTunes" folder - prevented iTunes from processing incomplete & intermediate files.
Added better error messages when conversion process fails to start up.

Release 15.4

Metadata lookups are now cancellable as they seem to get stuck and never return in some cases
Manually unchecked metadata providers no longer become checked again
No more .ignore filenames in ripping logs
Fixed Multi Encoder breaking with quotation marks in file names
Fixed metadata provider checkboxes not having immediate effect
AMG should no longer take a very long time to return in case there's a problem connecting to the server.
Temporary file handling fixes.
Fixed disc ID calculation on CDs containing data tracks, now generating identical disc IDs as dBpoweramp for Windows.
Fixed problems with copy/paste from ripping status log dialog.

Release 15.3

OSX El Capitan compatibility fixes
Allowed AccurateRip use on unknown-offset drives

Release 15.2

Fixed resource leaks
Fixed a bug causing not all files to be enumerated when converting large folders through Batch Converter
Fixed nonsense in drop-down genre list
Better error message formatting when using Test Conversion or Multi Encoder
Added configurable conversion thread count limit

Release 15.1

Fixed conversion to same folder
Fixed handling of quotation marks in file paths

Release 15

Moved from version R1 to R15, as the OS X version is now feature rich as Windows
More consistent proxy server handling across various app components
Network share output folders are now correctly remembered; network shares get re-mounted if necessary.
Improved Batch Converter tolerance for lagging network shares.
Convert to same folder option now disabled in scenarios where it does not make any sense.
Fixed glitch in dynamic naming editing dialog preventing add-item-by-click when the text box is empty


Fixed various Multi Encoder bugs
Added AAC VBR encoding
Fixed forward slashes being replaced with back slashes in M4A tags.
Fixed AAC VBR not reporting estimated file size.

CD Ripper

Improved error messages when AccurateRip configuration fails
Fixed crash with 'composer' column enabled
Fixed "could not connect to AccurateRip servers" bug
"Review Metadata" button is now available at all time
Fixed a bug possibly causing metadata retrieval to get stuck
Changed filename substitution rules, now allows all characters that are valid for OSX filesystem unless configured otherwise
Added an easy option to enable Windows style filename character substitution rules
Fixed editbox changes not taking effect when pressing "rip" while editbox still has focus
Album art handling cleanups
Added drive's cache size detection, under secure ripper settings
Added drive's C2 pointer capability detection, under secure ripper settings