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dBpoweramp Music Converter (dMC): Version Changes

Release 2024-05-30

Added AccurateRip metadata, a new high quality metadata database to take replace freedb.

With this update, selected metadata providers are set to a new default.

CD Ripper: Manual meta page, handles 5 providers, only shows active providers
CD Ripper: new menu option 'After Metadata Display Review Metadata' to auto show the review page
CD Ripper: Review Perfect Metadata menu item renamed to Review Metadata
CD Ripper: CD-Text is now part of PerfectMeta if enabled (off by default), it will show on metadata review page
CD Ripper: Musicbrainz could stall lookup, now much faster
CD Ripper: default naming has ", Disc x" on multi disc in file path and no longer defaults to putting ', Disc ' on the end of the album name.
CD Ripper: ID Tags & Metadata Can edit the multi artist detection values
CD Ripper: multi artist detection also detects with (xxx and [xxx and removes end ) or ]
CD Ripper: ID Tags from providers unicode \u2010 is replaced with -
CD Ripper: wierd unicode spaces are standardized to ' '

Release 2024-05-01

CD Ripper: we have restored freedb.dbpoweramp.com as a replacement for gnudb (which took-over from freedb.org), why? gnudb.org have started requiring emails to access their system. We do not agree with this type of intrusive data collection to access a publicly created database. It goes against the ethos of running a public database, especially as dBpoweramp users would have submitted a very significant percentage of all discs in that database.
Going forward we will create a new community populated metadata database, it will be branded as part of the AccurateRip family, and will be open to all. AccurateRip has existed without restrictions for almost 20 years, together we will create a high quality database. Watch this space...

Tag Editor: pressing enter when editing a tag value will accept changes, pressing enter again will close tag editor page

Replaygain DSP detects when encoding lossy, will calculate RG values by decoding the lossy encoded file after encoded

Bug Fix: CD Ripper: if a track required re-ripping of bad frames, then AccurateRip cross checking of pressings for that one track would fail

CD Ripper: log is now in order of tracks

Release 2024-04-01

FLAC encoder, limits to 655350Hz, returns an error message if source more than this

Opus updated to 1.5.1

Overwrite page:
  automatically tracks which files exist and shown in red, extension shown also.
  'No to All' renamed 'Skip existing' and the button will disable if no files are being overwritten (after renaming)
  Overwrite (x) shows how many are being overwritten
  also the headers autosize when size window, so extension always shows on edge
  detects also later encoded files which would overwrite files which are being written during conversion
  'Overwrite' button changes to 'Convert' if no files are being overwritten

Right click folder >> Batch Convert, Batch Edit Tags set also by Placement option (Windows 11+)

if a file 'NoRegCheck.bin' is placed in the same folder as dBpoweramp programs, it disables the update check and registration code entry.

dMC DSP Volume Normalize: redesigned page, for EBU it allows editing of the reference target level, also added a new option 'Reduce if above' which is ideal for using with floating point and reducing to a desired final dB value

ID Tag Editor - ALT + Right Arrow to move to next file, ALT + Left Arrow to previous file

CD Ripper - if already had ripped CD and try again, but cancel at overwrite page, then would show the ripping results, even though did not rip
CD Ripper - if internet access is disabled and no metadata then says so on Metadata info tip, also the Manual Search page is not shown
CD Ripper - Speed up of metadata lookup when servers are down
CD Ripper - Manual Metadata review, remembers the last position, even if dragged to other monitor, or resized for next showing, note resets to default position on CD ripper restart

Control Centre - disabling access to the internet shows a warning message about CD Ripper having no metadata

Wavpack DSD Encoding enabled

Release 2024-02-01

Option in dBpoweramp Control Centre - can specify Win11 shell, with or without classical shell item (non Windows 11)
Added tag editing capability for: .tak, .tta, .dts, .mka, .weba
bug fix: CD Ripper Folder.jpg would not be written to each folder if using multi-encoder
bug fix: vorbis tagging fixes

Release 2023-12-22

dbpoweramp can now also decode: Tom's Audio Kompressor (.tak), Shorten (.shn), AC-3 (.ac3), E-AC-3 (.eac3), Matroska Audio (.mka)
Web Audio (.weba), TwinVQ (.vqf), DTS (.dts), DTS-HD (.dtshd), The True Audio (.tta), MLP (.mlp), MPEG-TS (.ts), Real Audio (.ra, .rm),
Creative Voice (.voc), AU/SND (.au, .snd), 3GPP (.3gp), AMR (.amr), AMR (.awb),

Speex updated to 1.2.1 (decoder)

Monkeys Audio updated to 10.37

Wavpack supports older v3 files

Discogs - composer added from Discogs

Windows 11 - removed old convert to and edit id tags shell menus

Write/Read XML DSP Effect - multi artist/composer etc compatible

Tag Editor - the delete [x] button for album art is closer to the art, makes easier on large displays

DSD can read tags from DSD1024

DSD256 DOP support (decoder)

Able to decode all M4A/MP4 codecs.

Test Conversion: Report an error if no audio was decoded.

Prevented blank ID3v2 tags from being written in some scenarios.

WAV: Change tag type if asked to save ReplayGain and existing tags can't hold ReplayGain.

Musepack: implemented ReplayGain info saving for Musepack SV8 files.

Bug Fixes

VST regression
.aac file with an id3v2 would not always decode correctly
.aac tag writing
Could have two windows 11 shell items
Audio properties not passed through to encoder/dsp, seen more in Write XML DSP Effect
MP3: Do not falsely report files with VBR headers (or VBRI) as gapless if they have no actual gapless info
Some Ogg FLAC files not being decoded correctly
Vorbis + Opus: Fixed channel order & missing channel masks for >2 channel content
Speex bug fix
m4a aac gapless decoding improvements
DSD1024 decoding failures.
dsf files being decoded with extra padding at the end.
Fixed incorrect decoding and encoding of AIFF 8-bit.
Fixed specific rare Monkey's Audio files being decoded incorrectly.
Fixed HE-AAC not being decoded gaplessly.

Release 2023-11-01

Monkeys Audio updated to v10.25
Bug fix: would not register the Windows 11 context menu (convert to)
Bug Fix: if remove album art in tag editor and add new one, it could leave old art behind and new art as 2nd art

Release 2023-10-10

m4a (FDK) encoder updated to 1.0.5 (fdk-aac 2.0.2)
Added toolbar update available indicator to CD Ripper / Batch Converter / Muaic Converter
Added true peak option for replaygain
CD Ripper: PerfectMETA make sure all tracks have same "ALBUM" and "ALBUM ARTIST", per-track data could be coming from different sources causing mayhem
Cd Ripper + others: max art size, add many more in upto 3000x3000
mp3 lame - advanced page add an option [] Preserve all frequencies which overrides the low pass filter in lame
libwebp update
Manual Metadata review - Smart Capitalize skips tags such as ISRC, etc

bug fix: Twain Scanner Fixes
bug fix: [discunique] was missing from CD Ripper when writing folder.jpg naming
bug fix: CD Ripper: Fixed discogs bugs on albums with hidden tracks
bug fix: wave encoder was possible to choose compressed and cancel compression page, thus not having a compressed format chosen.
bug fix: bitrate and k_bitrate dynamic naming tags were not working

Release 2023-06-26

FLAC 1.4.3

bug fix: was previously not working on pre-Windows 10 versions
bug fix: DefaultTagEdit.txt was not being read correctly
bug fix: CD Ripper could set compilation tag and not show on main page

Release 2023-06-15

Opus 1.4
New monkeys audio float 10.16
CD Ripper: Bug Fix - pasting non cd track listing from clipboard could cause a crash
CD Ripper: improved tab order
Wave & AIFF strenghtened against corrupted files
Enabling screen reader mode validates the option with a question
Edit Tags >> Art >> Choose from Internet, added Discogs
Improvements to Windows 11 context menu
Core Converter: No use of CPU Throttle in non-live pass
Batch Converter added extra tags to the columns and sorted selection list
bug fix: 'Report as Information, continue to decode' for mp3 decoding was not always being adhered to
bug fix: fdc (aac) would not write 1 channel mono
bug fix: wavpack dsd handling (windows)
bug fix: write xml dsp sanitization output

Release 2023-01-20

Batch ID could be negative with unintended consequences
RIFF64 support (decoding and encoding: enable RIFF64 support in dBpoweramp Control Centre >> Audio Codecs 'List / Options': Wave Encoder)

dsd decoder - added option (Control Center) to decode to 32 bit, float 32 or 64 bit float
Wavpack updated to 5.6.0
DSD (DSF) supports files with ID3 chunk at start of the file (which breaks the DSF specficiation), also can show the positions of the chunks if Riff Chunks enabled in popup info
Wave encoder supports 64 bit float option
Added sort tags to naming and new tag selection in editor
if edit tags in editor and press escape, or cancel, then asks user if should save changes
Bug Fix: AIFF decoder crash
Bug Fix: VST DSP effect compatibility improvements

Release 2022-11-25

Added 64 bit VST effects also VSTv3 (as well as v2)

Flac 1.4.2

Updated registration check - could hide the registration input form on invalid code

Copy and Paste track names to clipboard added to main options menu
Paste works with own copied listing: also possible to remove the tracks, and paste in just the main items such as Album, Genre

Opus fixed handling of '=' for value

Ogg vorbis - duplicate Album Artist tags removed from read

Added [source_date]yyyymmdd hh.xx.ss.ms[] to naming, is creation time of the source file, is possible to edit the order, such as: [source_date]yy-mm-dd hh.xx[]

CD Ripper: Added [Alt + N] shortcut to show Manual Metadata Search page
CD Ripper: Manual Musicbrainz lookup, presents all medium formats
CD Ripper: Year, Genre and Style set for an individual track could be overwritten by the first one on a disc re-insert (if read from Cache)

Release 2022-09-28

FLAC 1.4.1 - Encoding and decoding of 32-bit PCM is now possible, 1MHz sample rates
Monkeys audio 8.70
Wavpack encoder can now accept DoP data
Code signed part of the installer
Windows 11 - old right click menu items created for when shown through right context menu key
If cannot write to file (Music Converter or CD Ripper) then outputs a more verbose reason why (such as drive does not exist)

Release 2022-09-02

Version update check improved

Release 2022-08-09

Windows 11 added native shell menus
Album art manual search extra sources
Better upgrade process, dBpoweramp Control Centre keeps track of your order number and is able to auto-download updates

Added Wavpack DSD handling
ALAC fixed buffer overrun bug
Ogg Vorbis and FLAC: can read an album name '=' (previously tags beginning with = were filtered because of bad vorbis taggers which wrote == seperators in the vorbis comments
Opus encoder updated to 1.3.1
m4a AAC decoder, DRC volume decoding fix
WAVE RF64 decoding support
CD Ripper: metadata all works with proxy settings
CD Ripper: manual metadata review page, replace boxes size increased

Bug Fix: CD Ripper was not doing cross pressing AccurateRip calculation on pass 2
Bug Fix: Ogg Vorbis, Opus tags could contain an "Album Artist" tag which could not be edited or deleted, leading to duplicates

Release 17.7

bug fix: m4a decoder could add silence into the decoded file
bug fix: floating point put through certain DSP effects would corrupt the audio

Release 17.6

Batch Converter: speed up, and handles modified / access / creation dates for symbolic linked files

R128 Volume normalize (adaptive), algorithm improved to stop the track going quieter a number of seconds before a change in main sound occurs

CD Ripper: "delete source file", "ReplayGain (Apply)", "Folder.jpg Preserve" and "preserve source attributes" DSPs hidden from dsp list
Monkeys Audio Codec updated to v7.33 supports 32 channels and 32 bit integer
ogg updated to v1.3.5
FLAC updated to 1.3.4

CD Ripper: adds tags from %appdata%\dBpoweramp\DefaultTagEdit.txt to the Tag list in CD Ripper for easy filling
CD Ripper: better communication if premium metadata is disabled because of non-reference version
CD Ripper: secure log will not add v1 matches if v2 matched
CD Ripper: secure log will no longer duplicate AccurateRip entries in the log
CD Ripper: autorefresh display when adding certain DSP effects which rely on gap detection

Tag editor: Catalog # added to standard tag list (when adding new tag selection)

dBpoweramp Control Centre: added on advanced options an edit shortcut to DefaultTagEdit.txt and Genres.txt (this list used in various parts of dBpoweramp)

Better presentation in popup info tip for tags such as comment with carriage return in the tag value

bug fix: m4a tagging could on some systems not write title and other tags
bug fix: wavpack decoder could crash because of a corrupted file
bug fix: manually looking up discogs releases works again after they changed the url
bug fix: CD Ripper view fullsize art, if the art was too big for screen it would not be all shown, it is now sized to fit
bug fix: Resampler could theoretically crash
bug fix: Time presentation in local time

Release 17.4

Dropping files or folders onto the control center opens converter / batch converter
ANSI characters only in filename - more comprehensive list of preservations when converting accented characters to ansi (cross platform)

CoreConverter: Fixed incorrect stamping of dbpoweramp version over encoder fields when encoding to audio info etc

CD Ripper & ID Tag Editor: scan album art - option to choose scanner
CD Ripper & ID Tag Editor: hides when scanning album art as often the scanner window would show behind window

CD Ripper - metadata saved to cache when clicking rip
CD Ripper: manual metadata page does not show artist on the track listing if matches the album artist
CD Ripper: discogs, able to read disc entries which have no tracks (as classical movement releases)
CD Ripper: using gnudb.gnudb.org as freedb replacement, submissions enabled again
CD Ripper: track type removed as metadata provider

m4a tags: Lyricist no longer written as @aud as nothing uses that
m4a fdk new version 2.0.2
FLAC added seek table writing

Bug Fix: File Naming could change filename characters such as ¿ to 1/2
Bug Fix: DSD 512 bug - could not decode to 96KHz
Bug Fix: CD Ripper: any encoder or effect relying on gapless details or indexes could previously not function correctly.
Bug Fix: CD Ripper: Fixed column widths not being properly remembered (column adjustments were reverted on meta lookup etc)
Bug Fix: certain formats when editing id tags, replacing the album art would not replace, instead would leave old album art
Bug Fix: CD Ripper gap removal DSP effect working
Bug Fix: Batch Converter would clear existing file selections when creating new profiles.
Bug Fix: Would not rip straight to Opus

Release 17.3

New Low Pass filter code, does not attenuate lower frequencies
New DSP effects: High pass, and Bandpass filters
wavpack updated to 5.4.0
CD Ripper: Added Catalog # to the new tags list. Also sorted the list.
CD Ripper: Added secure option to mark track as error 'if not verified by accuraterip'
CD Ripper: filename column - if multi encoder then says for each track {multi-encoder cannot show filename}
CD Ripper: will show error if try to use Multi Encoder with '[sourcexxx]' naming elements
ID Tag Processing DSP: 'delete all' and 'all except' actions are removed for naming processing
Tag editor when choosing art from internet, if does not have album title then track name is used instead
Multi Encoder: removes the 'As Source' naming options multi-encoder naming selection
ID3v2 tags: updated itunescompilation field handling, supports multi-value TLAN + TPUB
APEv2 tag: properly remove multiple album art entries

Bug fix: property handler and thumbnail provider would not read the tag if inprocess tag reading was checked
Bug fix: Choosing After Conversion >> 'shutdown / hibernate / etc' would not happen unless 'skip finish' as also selected
Bug fix: can write DSD tags when ripping to ._ files
Bug fix: CD Ripper: ID Tag processing DSP effect was not being used to pre-process the ID Tags when creating filenames with [Multi Encoder]
Bug fix: Music Converter: ID Tag processing was not being used for Multi-encoder

Release 17.2

Ensures only codecs for dBpoweramp loaded, previously caching could make dBpoweramp use PerfectTUNES codec
FLAC Encoder: extra error logging details
CD Ripper: quicker at processing metadata album art once retrieved from online
Ogg Vorbis updated to Ogg v1.3.4 Vorbis V1.3.7
Shell installs right click icon for dBpoweramp Batch Convert and dBpoweramp Edit ID-Tags
Tag Editor: when move between files with arrows, it reselects the same tag previously editing
Installer removed older install program to remove propertyhandler on XP (XP is no longer supported)
Batch Converter: if drag drop audio tracks from file explorer they are automatically selected, drop a folder and it is automatically chosen
Bug Fix: Salamander Window Manager passed an invalid Window handle which dBpoweramp was trying to center on
Bug Fix: CD Ripper - title at the top would not show correctly in all resolutions when ripping
Bug Fix: Flac, Ogg, Opus and m4a can now store disc and track count only without the corresponding disc or track number
Bug Fix: Music Converter - renaming a file before conversion with List & Rename was not working correctly
Bug Fix: Batch Ripper was showing CD Ripper page always for each disc ripped
Bug Fix: Control Center: label if cannot connect was incorrectly shown

Release 17.1

Better handling of centring when opened from Total Commander

ID Tag editor: if set a tag value to "" then it is removed

File Properties >> Audio Property Tab - for multiple selected files displays the art from the first file
File Properties >> ID Tags, '...' button is placed on next line
File Properties >> ID Tags Art Description Shortened

Batch Converter: lists file sizes for symbolic linked files

Naming, if using [origdrive]\[origpath]\[origfilename] then filename not touched (previously a filename 'abc .flac' would change to 'abc.flac' and not overwrite existing
New Naming value [multitag], if had multiple album artists and want the whole list in the filename then can use [multitag]album artist[] and it would return Artist1; Artist2

Replaygain: advanced page option to set the maximum gain value, previously a very quiet track would not have track gain or album gain written

CD Ripper

Graphic overlap improvements
Smarter handling of metadata if read from CDText, UPC and ISRC when blending with PerfectMETA
New option >> options >> active providers >> 'manual metadata search if no metadata' on by default
Defaults to Windows Built-in if ripping on Windows Server
Manual metadata search will read album art from musicbrainz
Reads artists better from discogs on various artist cds


Preserves carriage returns in the tags for CUESHEET and EACLOG tags
Wavpack updated to 5.3.0
m4a FDK updated to 2.0.1
Ogg Vorbis updated to (Ogg v1.3.4 Vorbis V1.3.6)
m4a decoder: works with symbolic linked files
DSD Tag writer, saves in Unicode
ID3v2 tags TBPM now mapped to BPM

Bug Fixes

Scripting was not working
If the option to use a specific temporary folder was used, it was possible for temporary files to be saved not in this folder (in %tmp%) which could fail when later in encoding process
Flac was detailed as '1.3.3 beta' when in fact it was 1.3.3
Music Converter when finishing would leave old 'Writing ID Tags' message under the cpu encoder line
Multi-encoder was not working correctly always with dynamic naming for music converter
CD Ripper can rip direct to .dsf files, if the option to write to temp ._ files is on
If installed 32 bit dBpoweramp in 64 bit Windows, then would not allow edit id tags
CD Ripper track listed could still show composer if removed from manual metadata review page
Manual Discogs release lookup could fail
Naming [REPLACE] and [SPLIT] now use <comma_> rather than , to signify comma to replace or split on, this allows empty strings to be set for replace, to replace space with nothing: [replace] ,,[artist][]
Flac and m4a tagging can write tags where is no track number, but only a track count
Batch Converter 'reset' button would crash program
Pre-emphasis was not always working
DSP Move Destination File On Error not working correctly with default naming (missing drive)

Release 17.0

This new release features many enhancements, it is 20% faster on multi-core machines and is future-proofed through handling 64 cores. A new DSD encoder is included as standard (Reference), as well as many previously optional codecs, which are all updated to the latest releases. A new Quick Convert right explorer right click menu is a welcome addition to those who have many conversions to run a day, skipping over the codec options page, saving time. CD Ripper gains a manual metadata search page, de-emphasis CDs handling and improvements to metadata searching.

Minimum supported Windows: Vista (XP no longer supported)
New explorer right click option 'Quick Convert' which invokes the converter without showing the options page
CD Ripper & Music Converter handle [Multi-Encoder] internally, this allows file overwrite and proper CPU resource allocation
All programs - added a crash reporter
All Programs - Graphics upgraded to be independant of display resolution
All programs - better handle High Contrast Theme

Support for artist in m3u playlist
dBpoweramp Control Centre: Tests if Windows defender is limiting access to the system and warns
dBpoweramp Control Center: can exclude popup info tips, and right click 'Convert To', for set file types
High quality SSRC (frequency resampler) enabled for all frequency conversions
Right Click >> Edit ID Tags option in art menu to resize existing art to a maximum KB size
Added a new Screen Reader Option in Control Centre to enable non-graphical buttons
Converter + Tag Editor: if select all files in a folder, right click, convert to or edit id tags, any non audio files are excluded
Naming added [GROUP] so for example if an artist was 'Drake' and [group]4,[artist][] would generate 'a-d' the first letter of the tag is used and number signifies the letters to group together, 2 would be a-b c-d e-f
Naming added [SPLIT] for exmaple artist was 'A1/A2/A3/A4' [split]/,[artist],2[] would return 'A2' to split on comma enter [split],[artist],2[]
Naming updated [REPLACE] can replace with , or search , buy setting a blank entry: [REPLACE],@,[artist][] would replace , with @
Updated naming dlg for Move File On Error DSP effect
New conversion option: substitute Unicode spaces and remove leading or ending spaces in tags - there are various non-standard unicode space characters (such as thin space), these will be replaced with a standard space. Also white spaces at the start or end of tags are removed.
Popup info: if a zero byte file then says so
Edit ID Tags >> Art Menu >> Added 2000x2000, 1800x1800, 1600x1600, 1400x1400, 1200x1200 options
Menu check marks larger on higher dpi screens
Fixes bug in various Window Managers (such as total commander) which do not follow Windows API specification
Added option in configuration to hide specific unused encoders
Popup Info: rating range shown 0-10 range same as ID Tag editor

New DSP effect: speed up, slow down
Utility codecs [ID Tag Update] and [Replaygain] included as standard
ID Tag Processing: option to set multi artist to '; ' for non multi-artist aware programs now works with Artist Sort and Album Artist Sort
Multi Encoder, allows sub encoders to be utility codecs
ID3v2 COMM tag, now works again for iTunes
m4a grup tag renamed to @grp as it was causing issues for iTunes
FLAC updated to 1.3.3
Encoders added as standard: Opus, m4a AAC (dBpoweramp reference), m4b, Monkeys Audio (v4.81), WMA 10, Wavpack, Ogg Vorbis
Decoders added as standard: DSD, Speex, Ogg Vorbis, Musepack
Added DSD Encoder (dBpoweramp reference)
DSD - shows 1 bit and dsd frequency in dBpoweramp Popup Info & Audio Properties page
AAC Decoder better able to read non-standard files
mp3 lame encoder supports 64 bit float source
m4a FDK supports 64 bit float source
Opus files in .ogg now supported
Codec Update Wavpack to 5.2
Codec Update - Opus 1.3.1
Codec Update - m4a FDK updated to v2
Added new Apple Core Audio Format (CAF) decoder

ID Tag Editor - popup suggestion now appears 1/3 to the right of the box, so as not to get in way
ID Tag Editor - resizing auto sizes the edit box
ID Tag Editor - can drag and drop art on id tag editor
ID Tag editor - supports embedding PNG album art, also resizing existing PNG stays as PNG
ID Tag editor - buttons could overlap at certain resolutions

Music Converter - can handle 64 cores
Music Converter - will use 100% of CPU capacity by default (around 20% faster encoding on a 4 core system)
Music Converter - output to box shows <not required for encoder> for encoders such as multi-encoder

batch converter added filter on date - last week, yesterday, last month, last year
Batch Converter when generating conversion list shows the number of files already discovered
Batch Converter added new profile option to not store file selections with a profile (only Extension exclusions and later in music converter DSPs and Encoder auto selected)
batch converter lists correct frequency and bits for DSD

CD Ripper

Improved drive speed detection
Manual Metadata review, added replace text option (replace fixed string value in all metadata)
Album art improvements: discogs art, PerfectTUNES art priority
HDCD detection for technical column improved
Album title shown on title bar when ripping
shows which metadata providers are remaining on lookup
Added Style to toolbar
added de-emphasis option to CD ripper, and DSP effect for music converter
when add technical column, track listing is refreshed
displays on info page the AccurateRip status icon
Added manual metadata search form, auto shown if disc has no metadata
if screen resolution changes and is showing maximized or too big for screen, then make maximized again
art menu redesigned, new Add Additional Art menu, default actions replace main art
art added from files, if PNG then left as PNG. New option in Metadata options 'Store Scanned Art as PNG'
default allowed maximum album art size is now 1000x1000 and 750KB
naming box shows <not required for encoder> for encoders such as multi-encoder
CD Text and ISRC metadata takes preference over other providers
custom ID Tags are applied now if on manual metadata review a specific provider is chosen
default naming changed to [MAXLENGTH]80,[IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],[IFCOMP]Various Artists[][IF!COMP][artist][][][]\[MAXLENGTH]80,[album][]\[MAXLENGTH]80,[track] [artist] - [title][]
default secure log saved to [rippedtopath]\Secure Ripping Log.txt
dbpoweramp implemented own freedb server to combat the retiring of the old freedb.org

Bug Fixes

Edit ID Tags removed small white line in album art
cd ripper - if reading previously ripped disc metadata from db cache would not set compilation check based on last time
Thumbnail and Property Handler exclusions were not working
Opus tag reader could crash on malformed tags
Batch Converter was reading file metadata, even if no filtering was in place
ID Tag processing does not export folder.jpg when doing filename check (dmc or multi-encoder)
musicbrainz was not always looking up discs
Replaygain now writes iTuneNORM which is compatible with the latest iTunes
Ogg Decoder - fixed issue where ogg-flac would trigger a memory error
RunIDTagsThroughDSPEffects possibly altering origfilename etc
All programs - if taskbar is set to hidden, maximizing (CD Ripper, or Batch Converter) would stop it appearing
Network share reliability fixes

Release 16.6

Added shortcut to tag editor, if edit tags for multi files then ALT + N is same as click '>' button (next file), and ALT + B is the same as '<' (previous file)
Updated m4a decoder to latest fdk v2
Drops 'encoding tool' tag on converting
Album art - retrieve from Internet updated for compatibility
Music Converter, if select [Delete Selected Profile] from encoder menu, asks if should delete
Bug Fix: Explorer >> convert to: loads converter, then do another Convert To would spawn a 2nd Music Converter, instead of adding the files to existing open one

Release 16.5

Music Converter and edit id tags appear on same desktop as invoking Windows file explorer, or Batch Converter
Added tool tips to Music Converter output to folder selection
CD Ripper - tests for Windows Defender 'Controlled folder access' and auto sets CD Ripper to 'Windows Built-in' communication method
Batch Converter optimized metadata reading thread
Batch Converter: if drag a column it shows correctly in the list view
Using FLAC 1.3.3 beta
Using latest FDK decoder 0.1.6
Control Center has large help button
CD Ripper - dialog boxes will appear on same screen as main app
Edit Tag page - text box and lines resize with the control
Batch Converter - File List page shows on same screen as main app
Batch Converter - remembers position if dragged
Option (off by default) to map mp3 id2v3 style to TIT1, when mapped iTunes uses this rather than title on iPhones to organize the tracks.

Bug Fixes

Multi-encoder can have [origdrive]
m4a fdk aac the bit rate CBR label was overwritten by VBR
m4a was showing Audio Quality: Low (lossy) for all files
Certain tagging of m4a files would fail
Playlist writer where writing to ._ tmp files, it was passing track 1 filename for all tracks on CD in BatchEnd
Multi-encoder now uses ID Processing DSP for filenames

Release 16.4

mp3 Lame updated to fix pipe errors for some people
Conditional encode DSP effect was not showing settings

Release 16.3

Batch Converter added new right click on file(s) >> Show in Explorer or Edit ID Tags
mp3 tag reading optimization
Apple Lossless encoder no longer requires WaveformatExtensible 1:1 channel mappings
Album Sort is no longer split as a multi item tag if has '; ' in the name
m4a Show Work Movement is set to 1 automatically if Work is filled and either Movement Count, Number or Name are filled also
WAVE LIST tags which are not recognized are sent over as WAVELIST-xxxx so the wave encoder can write them to a new Wave file with same unknown name
ID Tag: Option to disable predictive typing
FLAC updated to 1.3.2
mp3 Lame updated to 3.100
Popup info tip will display 'Unable to read track details, file corrupted or not supported' and will try to display tags
ID Tagger can read and tag files which cannot read the audio from
CD Ripper: tab order improved, rip button has default focus after cd insert
Tag Editor includes high DPI images
Opus updated to read non-compliant opus files created by ffmpeg opus encoder

Bug Fixes

MusicBrainz was not retriving album art
Flac tagging, if tag did not have a vendor string (non-standard) then previously was writing a 2nd tag block
[track_unpad][track_total_unpad] naming values now work
CD Ripper when ripping set to use temp folder (and move tracks after) would fail if had no album art
Album tag was being written as \n when had a ; in the title
Adding a compilation tag through tag editor would not save newly added tag
Naming Dialogs would limit to 500 characters
m4a tagging fix for mp4 files which had data block > 4GB

Release 16.2

New iTunes compatible Work and Movement abilities in CD Ripper. Note iTunes currently only supports m4a (Apple Lossless or AAC) with these tags.

All programs, if startup off screen, then moved back onto screen (such as last use on monitor no longer available)

CD Ripper

Art menu: new option 'copy to clipboard'
Now stops Windows from sleeping whilst ripping
Title set on main page at top
Can press space to toggle check status for all selected tracks
Re-ordered the text boxes at the top, album made bigger
Rip as one moved to options menu
Work, movement number, count and name boxes when genre is classical or opera
Excludes utility codecs such as [ReplayGain]
Indicates if cannot rename ._ temp file at end of ripping

Wave encoder: added 88KHz and 176KHz to frequency settings
mp3 and m4a better at handling multi designated artists (and those which are not such as AC/DC)
Tag editor shows the right hand part of filename if not enough room to display.
Core Converter will only indicate 1 error (not 9) if cannot tag file after converting
Music Converter Disables DSP button for utility codecs which cannot have DSP effects
Batch Converter refreshes track listing after conversion, showing new files (if converted to same folder)

Bug Fixes

If clicking CD Ripper or Batch Converter on title bar when was not active, but is maximized, no longer restores down the window
CD Ripper could edit the totals line
CD ripper >> album art […] button >> “view current art fullsize” was not working
CD ripper: estimate size column was cleared after meta received
CD ripper: when insert a new disc the Error and information page would still show values from last disc
On some systems it could report 'missing encoder' when encoding
Batch converter would not show check marks on filter page if have more than 2000 artists / etc
FLAC tagger would not change tag if FLAC file was missing vendor item in tag (all FLAC files should have these)
Tag editor would not delete a standard shown tag if the name was different to the standard shown value
CD Ripper if type a new artist into the album art search page, was not clearing existing results
FLAC tagger would not write tags if the FLAC file contains 2 Id tag blocks
CD Ripper commercial metadata would be unavailable during trial
id3v2 art with a description of 'A bright colored fish' (17) can be deleted
Music Converter selecting preserve source path would add {_._} to naming

Release 16.1

New option to read shell tag items in-process (on by default), is much faster

CD Ripper

Able to lookup more discs with Discogs
Restored Tracktype metadata option
Repositioned ripping status to not clash with title bar
Darkened the down button state for toolbar buttons
Changed internal art preferential selection from providers
Correct separation detection based on '/' for discogs
Results page added OK & Eject button

Tag Editor: font sizes adjusted to better display tags (especially on property page)
Tag Editor: if do a clear then fills the default standard blank tag fields

Control Centre - better at indicating codecs need updating, also beta versions are not offered to be replaced until full release

Conditional Encode added a 'xx or Above / Below' items to effectively allow an equals check on a value, example '44KHz or Below'
Conditional Encode added new 'If All Conditions Match' option

mp3 decoder faster at indexing files

Installer, shows reboot option at end as first item in list (not off screen in scroll list)

Added escape handler to dsp settings pages, dmc finish page

Can drag title bar while CD Ripper, etc maximized

Bug Fixes

Would display '[artist][album] -' when choosing art in CD Ripper
Choosing naming as 'Preserve Source Path' would write [origpath] to the output path
Apple Lossless would report could not verify file if ripping in CD Ripper with the option set to rip to ._ temp files
Playlist writer works in CD Ripper if option set to rip to ._ tmp files
Would not correctly remove art from m4a files
If install to short path location, then Control Centre cannot start music converter
Replaygain DSP effect, fixed option 'Identify Albums as - All Files in Single Folder'
Batch Converter was leaving a file open (would stop it be arranged if [Arrange Audio] is used)
Conditional encode would not create destination folder
CD ripper was not setting % done in taskbar title
Info tips in programs, no longer using drop shadow (which could be left behind)
Adaptive EBU normalize could fade out the last 6 seconds
Installer would not set default values for mp3 tag creation, folder writing (in CD Ripper)
Batch converter: could create a profile with invalid name and not save
ID tag editor would access internet to read id tag suggestions even though the option 'no internet access for dbpoweramp' selected

Release 16

dBpoweramp R16 features a user interface redesign. Each program was evaluated to streamline and improve user interactions, in addition dBpoweramp will now work well also at 200% and 300% display scaling.

The tag editor has been completely redesigned, better at handling multiple file editing, also features auto-suggested artist and album whilst typing.

Batch Converter has new filters where an artist (album, genre, etc) can be included or excluded in the conversions.

Full Changes

New visual style, high DPI aware, 200% and 300% compatible
Configure dBpoweramp repurposed as dBpoweramp Control Centre, only elevates on changes to shell settings
Configuration, if proxy server is enabled but no proxy server is set, it is disabled.
DSP Effects included as standard in all installs, DSP version number is now dBpoweramps version number
dBpoweramp Shell Tag Editor - looks up art with PerfectTUNES
Naming Section total rewrite
Naming Added new values [track_unpad] [track_total_unpad] for unpadded track number and count
Naming [IFEQUALS] check will match from multiple stored values, such as one match from 3 genres
Naming added [REPLACE] function
Naming added [WORD] function to limit word count


Can add or remove CPU Cores from converting whilst converting
Nearly instant when converting 1000's of files if the file naming does not require ID Tags reading for filenames
Works with DSP effect 'conditional encoding' to allow programmable actions on files depending on their settings (such as copy 1:1 mp3, not encode)
Option to precache read the source file, more for non-ssd systems, improves read performance by 100%
New option (in configuration) 'Filename restricted characters'
When finalizing DSP Effects (such as 100K RG album gains being written), the display is now responsive


m4a: able to read m4a file designated as mp42 or mp41 internally (really .mp4)
m4a: displays bit rate for fdk vbr encoded files
m4a separates out multi artist etc internally as individual tags, for maximum compatibility (option in config allows reverse order or / separated)

DSP Effects

Volume Normalize EBU-R128 defaults to -18 dB target volume.
ID Tag Processing, multi-artists etc added with Additions are correctly detected as multiples if separated as '; '
ReplayGain identifies albums also with Disc number.
Resample effect has new minimum and maximum options.
New Icons
New Effect: Conditional Encoding (R16 or above required)
Volume Normalize added Adaptive EBU-R128 option, and redesigned settings page

CD Ripper

Can edit tags such as artist in track listing
Simplified interface, refresh and metadata button combined now
Metadata cache stores intel metadata providers separately, also error and info logs, and size increased by default to 200MB
AMG replaced with Discogs for metadata and PerfectTUNES for ART (AMG is EOL Q3 2016)
Album Art Choose (from Internet) can type the artist and album names. PerfectTUNES is searched also for art.
Pasting art from clipboard, can paste URL containing art, or filename location
New option: rc on track listing >> Paste track titles from clipboard: this open will take a multiline list in the form artist - title or just title and replace the title and artist.
Manual Metadata Review: Has cancel button, also shows genre or year as <different> if they are not uniform across all tracks
Metadata trims lead and end spaces
New Option (on options page, note not compatible with Multi-Encoder) "When Ripping":
Rip to '._' files, rename album at end (default option)
Rip to temporary folder, move album at end
Rip direct to final filenames
Submit to freedb restrictions lifted

Batch Converter

right click folder >> dBpoweramp Batch Convert with multiple folders selected, only 1 Batch Converter appears
visually better when processing large number of files
added profile support, also profiles passed onto Music Converter so Codec selection / DSPs, etc are unique to that profile name
added metadata filter based exclusion / inclusions
quicker at processing large number of files

Tag Editor

total redesign
predictive typing for artist + album (based on perfecttunes known artists)
default tags (shown when no tags present) can be edited: %appdata%\dBpoweramp\DefaultTagEdit.txt
Added new configuration option 'dBpoweramp Edit ID-Tags' for folders

bug fix: isrc would not read on all systems
bug fix: ACM wave compression would not always work on certain systems
bug fix: [tags]album artist,_COMMA_ [] works, [IFVALUE]album artist,[tags]album artist,_COMMA_[],NO ALBUM ARTIST[] does not (if have multi album artists)
BUG FIX: cd ripper: cd-text: genre would not populate if represented as binary
Bug fix: using dsp effects 'audio cd delete silence' and replaygain could create blank files and delay ripping at end

Release 15.3

ID Tag Processing DSP is also used for dynamic naming of filenames
CD Ripper: Prep for PerfectTUNES art integration (in R16)

Bug Fixes

If overread was not checked, it could on a small number of drives stop ripping correctly
Naming with Maxlen would create shorter string if the value had commas
mp3 genre would show '70s' as mapped genre
If forced 32 bit install of dbp on 64 bit windows, then would not allow edit of id tags on right click to edit id tags
m4a tagger would sometimes add 2nd udat chunk

Release 15.2

Naming: Added new [tags]element,deliminator[], example [tags]artist,_COMMA_ [] [tags] allows tags with multiple values (ie artists) to save all values
Known tag using DSP Effect ID Tag Processing
Updated to latest VS 2013 compiler for whole dBpoweramp
Every component is code signed, hopefully will reduce false positive virus detections
Proxy settings used for check for update
Get Art from Internet faster


Added Musepack, Opus and Ogg decoders as standard
AIFF can decode and encode 32 bit float
FLAC updated to 1.3.1
m4a AAC decoder able to better handle minor corrupted files
m4a ALAC decoder able to decode mono files
m4a decoder able to handle youtube extracted aac track
iTunenorm tags are dropped during conversion
Multi-Encoder: now supports [encoder] and [encoder+] in dynamic filenaming
Wave tag decoding, if a INFO/list tag element is not recognized (such as non-standard) the tag is read out as its 4 char ID (read only tags), which can be mapped

CD Ripper

Artist, Label and Year columns shown even if non-comilation
New options to only eject if secure
Shows AccurateRip miss-match instead of x AR in results for secure ripping
Compilation generation (for review page) it autodetects based on individual provider
Internal memory pool moved to each encoder, rather than global
Musicbrainz returns isrc now

Bug Fixes

Updated to latest flac library to fix tagging crash on certain corrupted Qobuz purchased tracks
Reading of rating for mp3 could return 0 for 5 rated files
Writing of iTuneNORM for mp3, AIFF is compatible for iTunes (if writing UTF-16 tags)
Using multi encoder would internally leak memory in Music Converter
Batch Converter, if remove folders then the refresh would only remove top one
Displayed filename in CD ripper not updating when setting a track number offset
CD Ripper listing tracks from very freaky discs (such as ones which start at track 17)
CD Ripper could get stuck with inf messages about not being able to overread
CD ripper when entering metadata and press enter, no longer a delay of a second to move to next field

Release 15.1

Changed overwrite page so works on non-standard windows (onshow was called twice)
Can enter a dynamic naming string of more than 1000 characters
Acquire from scanner, works on 64 bit system where does not have 64 bit scanner drivers
Batch Converter: auto expands tree item on selection
Batch Converter: if started from a location cannot find in network, it is added anyhow
Conversion error and info page now accepts escape key to close
64 bit installation will clean parts of the 32 bit install which would cause a conflict if left
FLAC ID tags updated to preserve all \r in lyric tag
m4a decoder optimized for fast property reading
Professional Frequency conversion enabled for all routines
Popup info tip no longer shows a negative compression ratio (was previously possible with rounding errors)
CD Ripper: artist column always shown, even if not a compilation
CD Ripper: submit to AMG and AMG settings page removed as no longer relevant
Comments with multi lines, for mp3 are written to a single comment tag (was previously multiple comment tags)
m4a decoder update is now compatible with converting audio from video m4a files

Bug Fixes

Property handler dll (64 bit) had a msvcrt100.dll dependency which has now been removed
mp3 files which were very short (mili seconds) would not decode
Batch Converter, if press space to select check in folder, it did not toggle correctly
CD Ripper: manual meta review page, if change an item such as artist when in compilation mode, then click the composer to all button the old artist value would appear
AIFF was possible for id tagger to corrupt the file
ALAC decoder would not work if file was 24 bit and 6 or more channels
if set dynamic naming to [origpath]\[origfilename] in music converter then list / rename, the output to filename would be blank
id3v2 tag writer would read a written rating of 1 as 0.5 (also 2 was affected)
wave-mp3 encoder now more compatible with other applications
cd ripper could crash whilst encoding
cd ripper >> column menu >> Default Columns works once more
Could lockup explorer whilst the edit tag page was shown on 64 bit Windows

Release 15

64 bit version
Has new configuration option to set location of temporary files (used for non-live DSP effects), new -tmpfolder="" option for CoreConverter.exe
m4a album art reader able to read incorrectly written art (from MAX)
m4a new FDK decoder is used
Batch Converter no longer checks drives for content on load.
new flac 1.3.0
flac has rating tagging option of 0-5 0-10 and 0-100 ranges
flac able to detect corrupted files without md5
new Wavpack 4.70.0
Monkeys Audio updated to 4.12
mp3 decoder is able to read through stream errors
mp3 id3 able to read and write TIPL (Involved People) and TMCL (Musician Credits)
mp3 id3 tagger writes COMMENT ITUNNORM for ITUNNORM
mp3 id3 fixed mapping of release time to release date
mp3 tagger will auto upgrade id3v1 tag to id3v2 if storing album art
Album Art (internet search) is able to search more art
Added a new [origdrive] naming variable, can be used instead of 'To Folder' in Music Converter
New Naming items [FRONTFOLDER] and [BACKFOLDER]
New Naming option: [IF]tag,condition,match,stringmatch,stringnomatch[]
Music Converter is more memory efficient with large number of tracks
Music Converter dmc - if converting 3 files and have 16 cores, only shows 3 conversion lines
Compatible with CUE Image Codec / DSP
Multi-Encoder will enable multi-core encoding in CD Ripper

Popup info tip is limited to 34 lines to stop the deletion dialog for Windows being off screen (top and bottom)
transform codecs (mp3, etc) do not show sample depth

Batch converter: only hides when Music Converter is ready to take over (previously with 100K tracks nothing would show whilst loading the tracks to music converter)
batch converter: Refresh detects deleted folders

All programs which write tags, now retries for longer

CD Ripper

musicbrainz album art supported
musicbrainz multiple artist names supported
new option 'ANSI (ISO-8859) Characters Only in Filename' on 'Filename Restricted Characters Page'
allow review metadata page even if did not get from internet
sort tags are now tied to a unsort tag (in that if perfectmeta chooses an element from amg, the corresponding sort tag would be used)
on metadata review page new captialize button (just first char) next to smart cap
new option to process fingerprints for accuraterip

Bug Fixes

m4a possible decoding deadlock / crash
m4a able to read 24 bit ALAC files where the file is incorrectly indicated as both 16 bit and 24 bit
m4a able to tag files with multiple trak chunks
aiff tagger - was possible to write a blank tag to the file which had the incorrect size
aiff tagger - writes unicode tags
wave ID3 tagger would not read tags which were indicated of a less size
was possible for encoding to lockup at 99% encoding (especially if using [multi-encoder])
cd eject code would not function correctly on some systems, taking 16 seconds to complete
core converter - a DSP effect removed the conversion will no longer silently fail
CD Ripper would truncate the album tag if contained '; '
CD Ripper if using File Name Restricted Characters to remove . from filename, the . for extension is no longer removed
CD Ripper custom tags would replace saved edited custom tag from dbcache
CD Ripper changing encoder or profile on 2nd CD ripper would effect first CD ripper

Release 14.4

Allows multi item tags to be stored in non standard fields, for example Arranger Item1; Item2 would be split when stored into FLAC
m4a tagging could set an Explicit or other rating by mistake
m4a tagging would display a title of 'ABC/DEF' as 2 split titles
mp3 tagging, better compatibility for ANSI & date with year
mp3 tagging, standard compliant behavior that most software does not support is now opt-in
mp3 tagging lyrics mapping fixed
mp3 tagging 'initial key' implemented
new command line -sourceisfloat for coreconverter.exe (also allows multi-encoder to send floating point to an encoder)
AIFF tagging fix (could indicate file was corrupted)
FLAC tagging bug fix, was writing ';' for comment when had multi-lines
FLAC tagging METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE read as artwork (outside the flac tagging spec...)

Bug Fixes

[IF!EQUALS] was not working correctly
Wave id3 tagging fix (where could write an extra byte to the end of the file, giving a warning on wave decode)
Converting wave (LIST + id3 tagged file) >> wave would only write (id3 tag)
m4a tag writer was inefficient when trying to trim a huge tag (image as base64, for example) down to the allowed 255 chars
A badly corrupted FLAC file could cause the converter to terminate encode based on timeout, not reported errors
CD ripper - if reading ISRC and was not present for a track, then track+1 would not have ISRC read either
CD ripper, batch converter, would default their positions if moved to a certain display (on multi monitor systems)

Release 14.3

mp3 able to read / write v2.4 tags
mp3 decoder faster at decoding
mp3 Lame updated to 3.99.5
Versions for bundled codecs linked to dBpoweramp release
dbshell and other shell DLLs - code signed
mp3 Lame possible to supply custom extra cli values, also displays on advanced the final cli
FLAC defaults to not map Comment, Conductor, also new TRACKTOTAL and DISCTOTAL tags are written
FLAC better handles custom multiple item tag values
AIFF able to decode id3v2.4 tags
CD Ripper - prevent auto run removed in Windows 7 (not needed any more as cds are not autorun by default)
m4a Codec updated, Apple open source codec, improved iTunes tagging

Bug Fixes

CD Ripper - code to stop multiple access to drive query at same time
CD Ripper - correct musicbrainz ngs mapping ' to '
mp3 decoder could lockup with corrupted streams
AIFF tag reading (if tag was smaller than chunk)
Fixed issue causing BSOD on systems with Intel Storage Matrix driver installed (actually is a bug in Intels driver...)
64 bit tag editor, if file cannot be written then says so
Configuration Property Handler, it was still changing the explorer tag pane for disabled extensions

Release 14.2

Album Art Search from Internet Updated
MusicBrainz working with NGS changes, also updated to our new MusicBrainz server
CD Ripper - when showing Review Metadata page will indicate if cannot show for various reasons (metadata came from HDD cache, or PerfectMeta is disabled)
CoreConverter debug shows the file size after conversion and tagging
CoreConverter passes EXIT_SUCCESS or EXIT_FAILURE on exit
Music Converter remembers last 10 folders
ID Tag >> Album Art >> Load From File - defaults to the directory the file is
Added MusicBrainz ID tag to CD ripper
Added [discunique] to cd ripper naming
Added Pre-Emphasis & HDCD tags to CD ripper (requires Track Technical Column showing in CD Ripper)
Bug Fix: ALAC encoder writing correct internal sample count
Bug Fix: Uninstall could leave the Windows Property details page for previously registered formats (such as mp3) inoperable
Bug Fix: Ogg Album Art embedding, no longer base64 encodes with short text lines (\r\n)

Release 14.1

Property Handler by default does not register certain extensions (such as .mp4), these exclusions can be set in dMC Configuration
Property Extension now registers 'Title' for viewing in explorer
Added Period to Property Handler
Shell Extension, old popup info tip stored so when uninstalled is restored
Explorer ID Tag writer - if cannot write the tags has Retry, Cancel not just OK

CD Ripper

Improved Insert CD page (in relation to main form)
New option to set a maximum file size in KB, defaults to 256KB
Shows AccurateRip matches from other pressings in the log, upto 6 matches
Default secure output log named as: [rippedtopath]\[IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],[IFCOMP]Various Artists[][IF!COMP][artist][][] - [album].txt
Default secure output log written as unicode
Click art work to review shown art at maximum size
Album art shown in display without the surrounding case
Meta Drop Menu - option to clear metadata
8KB Transfers (C2 Pointers over USB / Firewire) should work now in more instances
Multiple Sort Values shown in CD Ripper and Tag Editor as Item1; Item2 (previously was Item1{CR}Item2)
If CD Ripper is moved to another desktop then will retain the correct background
PerfectMeta downgrades an artist if is: Various Artist Various Artists Various
PerfectMeta downgrades when the number of tracks returned does not match the number of tracks on the disc
AccurateRip.dll v4 (collates disc TOCs, updated message about key disc cannot be used)

Batch Converter

Better Network browsing
Was possible to drag headers, but should not have been possible
Works with 'dBpoweramp Batch Convert' and UNC paths
Added the ReplayGain tags to the list page
Music Converter <> Multi-Encoder, now show true encoding speed when encoding to multiple formats
Multi-Encoder allows use of [encoder] in dynamic naming
Multi-Encoder works with Playlist Writer, Album ReplayGain (should be most items which previously did not work with multi-encoder)
Internet Album Retrieval Page optimized, also has a 'Sort Largest to Smallest' button
Manual Meta Review window has alternating white and light gray background rows, so is easier to compare words on the same row
Manual Meta Review: drawing speed enhancements
Background for Value-List fixed on White
ID3v2: mp3 tagging option: to store YYYY MM DD in the date
ID3v2: mp3 ArtistSort, ComposerSort - have to store multiples with '/' not CR
FLAC encoder wording changed, also includes a FLAC Uncompressed encoding option (which stores audio uncompressed, for those who want WAVE PCM but with better ID Tagging).
FLAC: ComposerSort, soloists, split internally correctly
m4a Tagging splits multi ComposerSort, artist sort correctly

Bug Fixes

Com Scripting in x64 - .ReadIDTag and .WriteIDTag would previously not work
Corrupted Album Art could freeze conversion
dBpoweramp Configuration can save settings for limited user account

Release 14

Major Features
  • CD Ripper - AccurateRip v2: able to check across pressings & improved CRC implementation
  • Reference can support up to 16 simultaneous CPUs when encoding
  • Choose Album Art button in CD Ripper - searches the internet for album art
  • Windows 7 & Vista audio property & thumbnail support (Details tab on properties, details section in Explorer & Explorer Columns)
  • Reference comes complete with time unlimited PerfectMeta
Music Converter & CD Ripper shows % on a Windows 7 taskbar
Encoder settings stored at start of conversion and used through-out conversion (allows a 2nd conversion to take place at the same time with different settings)
Multi-encoder added as standard
mp3 Sort Tags supported TSOA - Album, TSO2 - Album Artist, TSOP - Artist, TSOC - Composer and TSOT - Title (sam as iTunes)
mp3 year tag written as YYYY only
Scripting now 64 bit compatible
Explorer Shell - Audio Property tab shows correctly in X64 Windows
Professional Frequency Conversion enabled by default (option to disable removed)
.bwf added to wave decoder
Batch Converter supports Windows Libraries on Windows 7
PerfectMeta - matches [xxx] & (xxx), ' / ' & '/' as same
Naming - [IFCOMP] tests against anything that is not 'no' and 'false' rather than '1'
mp3 Lame Encoder - quality settings expanded to include half quality values (ie -V 4.5)
m4a Apple Lossless encoder and decoder included as standard
AIFF encoder & decoder included as standard
mp3 ID Tagging - Comment Tags (other than simple comment, such as iTunesNorm) are preserved, also language code correctly set for comment
mp3 ID Tagging - Lyrics ID3v2 tag (unsync) supported
Profiles for music converter (have to first enable in dBpoweramp Configuration >> Music Converter >> Enable Profiles in Converter), create profiles by selecting [Create New Profile] in the encoder box
Edit ID Tag page redesigned, Album art can be added to multiple files in one go, the add button allows adding art from: Internet, File, Scanner, etc
CD Ripper & Batch Converter - if move the page to another larger display the page is drawn correctly

CD Ripper

Secure Options >> new option: Cancel Disc Ripping After any Insecure Track
Right click on a track >> Detect Artists from Track Names
Gap detection and index detection implemented (new columns to add these items to the display), also used for the [Cue Sheet Image] and Audio CD - Gap Removal DSP
Options >> file name character replacement
Can drag and drop album art onto it
Default naming now: [IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],[IFCOMP]Various Artists[][IF!COMP][artist][][]\[album]\[track] [artist] - [title]
freedb can split track specific artists when only indicated on a single track
Retrieves sort tags (does not write by default)
Added extra meta data fields
Added +50 and +100 offset to track number
Any metadata which came in Artist, the is replaced The Artist (before the rule to put to Artist, The)
New settings page for Meta >> dBpoweramp cache, option so can set size of cache (defaults to 6MB)
Info display defaults to on for first run
If have the technical column on then write to the log file (ie pre-emph will be written to the log)
Shows SonataDB when classical data comes from SonataDB (in manual meta review and popup meta info)

Bug Fixes

XClass where make legal filename - where shorten a folder, this can leave a ' ' or . on the end which is not allowed
CD Ripper >> Review Metadata >> if 'To All' was clicked would only do for items on screen
CD ripper if enabled to over read but drive could not then it was possible to ask for 26 frames but the drive would return all 0's for the 26 frames, new code to ask for
all Bug Bug Fix: mp3 - if had id3v1 & apev2 tag at the end, could lead to reported stream errors
Checksum written to FLAC & mp3
Reads Blocks outside of lead out separately so even if the drive cannot over read it would not give zero data back for a large number of frames (and fail AR check)
When adding Album Art from a png file in the CD Ripper the picture is gray and show size 0x0 in the GUI. The written tag is OK.