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dBpoweramp Video Converter OS X: Version Changes

Release 2

Full support for Apple Silicon Macs.
Mac OS 10.11 El Capitan or newer is now required.
Added new [Preview Generator] and [Contact Sheet] utility encoders

Audio Resample updated to better quality (thanks Lynx_Two)
Added XVid/DivX detection to popup info
Preserves Subtiles when encoding mp4
Dropping files or folders onto the control center opens converter / batch converter

Batch Converter: if drop (from explorer) a folder or files, then autoselects them
Batch Converter: option to save file selections with profile

CUT DSP effect now decodes whole file to get accurate seeking
New Crop DSP effect
New DSP Effect 'Play sound after conversion'
New DSP Effect 'Stream Selection' to choose specific video, audio or subtitle streams, with the option to preserve all
New DSP Effect Reverse
New DSP Effect Loop
New DSP Effect Fade
New DSP effect Trim, for trimming start and end

Can encode VP8 & VP9 out-of-the-box.
Added support for encoding H264 and H265 with Apple's hardware-accelerated codecs.
Apple AAC encoder is now used.
Added icons for effects.
Allow Cmd+C to copy individual messages in conversion log dialog.
Implemented missing Delete Source File options.
Prevented certain DSPs from being added more than once.
Remove newly added DSP if dismissed its settings dialog with an esc key.
Made possible to reorder DSPs with drag&drop.
Cleaned up overwrite prompt dialog, allowed multi selection, changed 'overwrite' button title depending on whether file name conflicts still exist.

Bug Fixes

If cancel a conversion and have 'Delete Source' DSP effect then no longer deletes the source file
Removed false reported [info] errors

Release 1.8

Batch Converter visual updates
Batch Converter bug fixes
Multi Encoder allows shared file naming
Mac OS Yosemite compatibility fixes
Better error message if additional codecs cannot be autoinstalled

Release 1.7

Added "extract audio" codecs.
Updated video concatenate tool, no longer entirely fails to process files if the codecs vary between them.
Fixed missing update checks.
Added beta update checks; when running a beta version, the launcher dialog will show you if there is a newer beta available.
Added Pixel Format DSP
Added Audio Bitrate DSP