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dBpoweramp Video Converter: Version Changes

Release 2

Added new [Preview Generator] and [Contact Sheet] utility encoders

Added AV1 decoding
if screen resolution changes and is showing maximized or too big for screen, then make maximized again
Shell installs right click icon for Batch Video Convert
Changed shell 'Convert To' to 'Convert Video To'
Added Quick Video Convert option (default off) to right click menu
Audio Resample updated to better quality (thanks Lynx_Two)
Upgraded compiler, Windows Vista minimum supported
Popup info redesigned the stream presentation
Added XVid/DivX detection to popup info
Preserves Subtiles when encoding mp4
Dropping files or folders onto the control center opens converter / batch converter

Batch Converter: if drop (from explorer) a folder or files, then autoselects them
Batch Converter: option to save file selections with profile

CUT DSP effect now decodes whole file to get accurate seeking
New Crop DSP effect
New DSP Effect 'Play sound after conversion'
New DSP Effect 'Stream Selection' to choose specific video, audio or subtitle streams, with the option to preserve all
New DSP Effect Reverse
New DSP Effect Loop
New DSP Effect Fade
New DSP effect Trim, for trimming start and end

Bug Fixes

If cancel a conversion and have 'Delete Source' DSP effect then no longer deletes the source file
Converting fps and rate label was not large enough
Choosing After Conversion >> 'shutdown / hibernate / etc' would not happen unless 'skip finish' as also selected
Custom DSP effect could not have " in the value
Removed false reported [info] errors

Release 1.7

Added new Audio Bitrate DSP effect
Added Pixel Format DSP Effect
Added new Custom codec and DSP effects: these allow specifing the exact command line to use
Added topfield video .rec as supported decoder
Bug Fix: Concat would not always work correctly
Bug Fix: Canvas Size was missing X and Y boxes

Release 1.6

Added new 'Audio Extract' encoders to extract audio only to Wave, mp3 or AAC,
Bug Fix: Codecs using 1:1 copy (audio or video) would not work,

Release 1.5

Added Concatenate option to join video files as one,
added m2ts as decodable type,
added .wtv (Windows Recorded TV Show) decoding abilities,
On multi displays the converter stays on same screen as batch converter and right click >> convert to,
Added new DSP effect 'Brightness & Contrast' (removed Brightness option from Hue & Saturation DSP Effect),
Added new DSP effect 'Canvas Size' (sets video size without resizing video, allows placing of black border around),
Added new DSP effect 'Watermark',
Added new DSP effect 'Sharpen & Blur',
Added new DSP effect 'Scale Maximum', 'Scale Percentage' and 'Scale Absolute' and removed 'Scale',
Added new DSP effect 'Cut',
DSP effect 'Delete Source' - added options to send to recycle bin, and clear empty folders,
Added new naming fields: [bitrate], [frame rate], [frame count], [aspect ratio], [pixel format], [color space], [video bitrate], [width], [height], [sample rate], [channels], [sample size], [audio bitrate], ,
Added audio option to h264 and h265 (to allow 1:1 copy from source),
Video Converter - [Delete Selected Profile] asks for confirmation,

Bug Fixes
Rotate -90 or +90 would sometimes not scale video correctly and leave cropped,
Could fail to convert certain formats if overwriting original,
Could report 'Referenced QT chapter track not found' on mp4 1:1 copy,
Explorer >> convert to: loads converter, then do another Convert To would spawn a 2nd Converter, instead of adding the files to existing open one,
Removed h265 tune options which were invalid.