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dBpoweramp DSP Effects & Actions

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) effects process the audio signal. A classic example of an effect is a Graphic Equalizer, which will boost certain frequencies. Actions can be processed, such as deleting source files.

Effects Included

Audio CD - Hidden Track Silence Removal   remove mid-track silence
Audio CD - Remove Gaps   uses CD Index positions to remove inter-track gaps when ripping
Audio CD - Silence Track Deletion   remove silence tracks from Audio CD
Bit Depth   set sample bit depth (example 24 bit to 16 bit)
Channel Count   increase or decrease channels
Channel Mapper   move or combine channels
Conditional Encoding  allows files to be skipped, or copied 1:1 based on attributes
CPU Throttle   slows encoding
Delete Destination File on Error   Converted To file deleted if errors during conversion
Delete Source File   remove Converted From file after conversion
DirectX PlugIn   use DirectX Effects in dBpoweramp  [Windows Only]
Dynamic Range Compression   level-out large changes in audio level
Fade   fade in or out to silence
Folder.jpg Preserve   folder.jpg or associated files to destination folder
Grabber   takes a portion of audio from a larger file
Graphic Equalizer   boost or reduce frequencies
HD HDCD   decode HDCD Audio CDs
ID Tag Processing   manipulate ID Tags
Insert Audio   inserts audio into the stream
Karaoke   remove voice or instruments
Loop   repeat the whole track a number of times
Lowpass   filters all frequencies above the specified frequency
Maximum / Minimum Length   increase or decrease length
Multi-CPU Force   forces the use of certain CPU cores
Move destination File on Error   move converted files with errors to a different location
Playlist Writer   creates a playlist file containing the conversion / ripping contents
Play Sound After Conversion   informs audibly when a conversion has completed
Preserve Source Attributes   preserve date & time, etc
Read / Write Metadata File   read or write metadata to or from xml files
ReplayGain   calculate Replay Gain, or EBU R128 volume adjustment
ReplayGain (Apply)   apply Replay Gain adjustment to converted file
Resample   audio frequency adjustment
Reverse   backwards audio!
Run External   allow external programs to access converted files
Trim Silence   remove silence from beginning or end
Trim   remove fixed length from beginning or end
Volume Normalize   adjust volume in many different ways
Write Metadata File   exports metadata to XML or HTML
Write Silence   insert silence