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PerfectTUNES De-Dup  


The larger your music library, the more chance there is of a duplicate track, that is the same track appearing twice, perhaps it has a miss spelt name, or is in 2 different audio formats (such as mp3 and FLAC), finding these duplicates can be difficult. PerfectTUNES De-Dup actually listens to the audio in a track and creates a unique fingerprint of the audio, so it does not rely on filenames or metadata to match:

Matches are shown as either:

Certain Matches  where the audio is 100% identical between the two files,

Possible Matches   the audio is similar between the files,

When deciding if a duplicate should be deleted, check the artist and title matches, if a duplicate in FLAC and mp3, the lower quality track is listed 2nd, or 3rd (if both were FLAC then there is no quality ordering). The View button can be clicked to show the track location.

The play button allows the 2 tracks to be auditioned side by side:

Playback is started, it can be switched between the two audio tracks by clicking the track name. The fingerprinting used by de-dup can lead to false possible matches, cover versions will often be flagged up as a duplicate as the underlying audio is the same.

Once a duplicate has been determined as a duplicate to be removed, click the Delete button the track will be removed to the recycle bin (if supported by the drive).

For duplicates which are not duplicates, or perhaps are an allowed duplicate (cover version, or the same track on 2 different albums), click the Hide Group button in the corner of the duplicate section and this duplicate will be hidden.

Mass Delete

Some people have too many duplicates to delete one-by-one, so a Mass Delete button is offered, once clicked a page is shown offering the files the program has detected as requiring deleting, by default only Certain matches are listed. Note no deletions take place until the list is verified to be deleted.

De-Dup Settings

Click the spanner icon (top right) to access the De-Dup settings:

Deleted Files to Recycle Bin  removing this check option will permanently delete the track, instead of placing in the recycle bin.

Confirm File Deletion  remove check to remove the confirmation of the deletion.

Export Duplicate List  the list of duplicate files can be exported to be saved then loaded into Excel or similar.

Reset Hidden Duplicates  clicking this will re-show all the hidden duplicates.

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