dBpoweramp Batch Video Converter

Batch Video Converter facilitates converting large numbers of files, be them in folders and sub-folders, with 1 click. It is also possible to selectively convert just one video type. 

Place a tick mark next to the file(s) to convert, or folders. Then click Convert and Video Converter takes over.

Converting Folders

Click once on the square box next to a folder, this selects all files and all subfolders for conversion:

SubFolder1 and SubFolder2 have been selected also, to exclude SubFolder1 click on the box next to SubFolder1, until it contains a blank space:

To exclude all sub folders, click on Music's box once more:

Individual tracks can be excluded from a folder by clicking on the tick box to remove the tick.

Joining Videos to One File

By clicking the down arrow next to Convert, select Concatenate, order the files and beging conversion as normal.

Preserving Folder Layout

On the Video Converter options page click the 'Output To' drop box, choose Existing Source Path to place the new files in the same location as the source files, or choose 'Preserve Source Path' to place the files in a new location, which the folder layout preserved in this new location. See Naming Details

Excluding Video Types It is possible to exclude video types, by clicking the Filter button. Only videos with a check mark are converted.


If a profile is created, or select a previous profile: all selections are automatically saved to that profile, this also includes all entries under 'Filter' and settings made later in Video Converter. 


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