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Asset UPnP Synology Installation

Asset is installed by loading first downloading the spk installer to your local computer, then log into the Synology Package Center (Main Menu >> Package Center).

Click Manual Install:

Click Browse and select the correct package (which is saved to your computer, perhaps in the Download location), next click Install::

After Installation Asset will be running and automatically indexes the audio on your device. To configure Asset settings open an Internet browser on your PC and type into the address bar:


Once your synology is detected, note the shown IP address of the NAS (for example, type the shown IP address as:

The port 45537 is where asset serves its configuration page.

If your music is stored in another folder than 'music', you will have to manually grant Asset access rights to the folder.

To find the location Asset stores the internal database (and other configuration files), enable the debug log from the configuration, restart Asset. The location of the log is the location of the configuration, remember to disable debugging.