dBpoweramp Video Converter


With dBpoweramp video conversion is effortless, all major formats are supported including: mp4, avi, wmv (Windows Media Video), mov, webm, vp9, real video, flash. Process the video, such as resizing whilst converting, or batch convert folders of old videos in a few clicks.

dBpoweramp is compatible with OS X Yosemite or newer.

dBpoweramp is free from spyware, malware and trojans, no other programs are bundled. At anytime uninstall by selecting Programs and Features in the Control Panel.


Download the Video Converter DMG installer to your computer, double click to open, when presented drag the dBpoweramp Video Converter over to the applications icon. Once installed find dBpoweramp Video Converter in Launchpad.

Straight after installation to ensure Video converter can handle all file types open Video Converter from Launch Pad and choose 'Advanced Settings' under Configuration:


Select the option 'Recommended: Install FFmpeg...'

dBpoweramp Sections

Video Converter

Convert video with elegant simplicity

  • mp4, avi, wmv (Windows Media Video), mov, webm, vp9, real video, flash
  • ID Tags preserved,
  • Multi-CPU encoding support,
  • Encode to two formats simultaneously.

Video Converter Help 

Batch Converter

Convert folders of videos effortlessly

  • Select folders and sub-folders with a single click,
  • Filter file types,
  • List files for conversion, sort on resolution etc,
  • Encode multiple video files as one video.

Batch Converter Help 

dBpoweramp Control Center

Open the main applications and configure dBpoweramp

  • Show version numbers installed,
  • Set advanced options,
  • View registration status,

dBpoweramp Control Center Help 

DSP Effects

Process Video & Perform Actions

  • Extensive list of effects:
      Scale, Denoiser, Frame Rate

DSP Help 

Encoder Settings

Flash Video
GIF Animation
MOV (QuickTime Movie)
MP4 (copy, no encoding)
mp4 H264
mp4 NVidia H264
mp4 H265
mp4 NVidia H265
Webm VP8
Webm VP9
WMV (Windows Media Video)


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